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Keyboard Shortcuts – Those Are Helpful

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Well, everything around us has becoming automated as possible even the toothbrush had become automatic for one’s convenience. Even into computers, automation is the untiring concept. So using keyboard shortcuts can be convenient for users because it often cut the time to take in doing something on the computer.

The following shortcuts that I listed below are some of the most common maneuvers on every keyboard for you to utilize and remember.

Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert, For copying the highlighted text or selected item.

Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert, For pasting the text or object that is copied in the clipboard.

Ctrl + Z, Undoing the previous changes.

Ctrl + Y, Redoing the changes made by undoing.

Ctrl + F, Opens the search of any program.

Ctrl + P, Opens the print dialog box of any printing capable program such as MS word, MS excel, MS powerpoint, browsers, and etc.

Ctrl + Left arrow, steps your insertion point by word in a backward manner.

Ctrl + Right arrow, steps your insertion point by word in a forward manner.

Ctrl + Home, let your insertion point moves to the beginning of the document and others.

Ctrl + End, let your insertion point moves to the end of the document and others.

Alt + Tab, Let you swap or switch easily between programs

Alt + Esc, the same as Alt + Tab

Page Up, Let you move by page upwardly or your insertion point moves by page

 Page Down, Let you move by page downwardly or moves your insertion point by page

Listed above are some of the useful shortcuts but for the complete set of shortcuts you can go to the Help and Support in your operating system then type in the search box, keyboard shortcuts where it will displays the complete set of shortcuts.

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