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Playing With Google Search Engine – Cool Tips

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The internet nowadays is the handiest way to find information and it has all the information you want and other tips. With the web browser available for free, searching information has become a click away and so it is good to any user to know some of the unknown functionality. Below I will be listing some of the tips and tricks in using the world’s top browser, Google Search Engine.

Instant dictionary

It is helpful for students or anyone who want to find the definition of the word, they can just type define followed by the word they want to be defined in the Google’s search engine text field.


You can utilize Google as a calculator. Just type the math problem in the search engine’s text field such as 1+1. It will display the correct answer of the problem.

Package locator

 Enter the tracking number of your package in UPS, FedEx or USPS. It will give you direct link where you can monitor your packages.

Telephone Directory

 In the text field you can type the phone number and with an area code. It will display the name and address of the owner or carrier of that phone number.

Weather Directory

To know the weather of a certain place, Type the weather then followed by the zip code or city then the state. It will display the current weather conditions and forecasts for upcoming days on that area.

 Local Map Directory

Go to Google Local then enter the name of area you want to search or the word of the place you want to find.

Flight Tracker

To know the status of a certain flight simply type the name of the airline then followed by the flight number. It will display the status of an airline flight and other details. Like typing falcon 696

The above mentioned are just some of the styles and technique in using Google Search Engine and some of them are applicable to other browser. Just try it!


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