Sunday, December 17

Tuna Dip

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This dip is really popular with pretty much everyone who tries it and, if needed or wanted, can also be used to cobble the illusion that you know the first thing about cooking.  It’s not a half bad way to impress college students and other demographics known for being bad at cooking.  Anyway, this is a very beginner-friendly recipe, you really can’t screw this up unless you try. 

What you need:

An undrained can of tuna, packed in water

A package of cream cheese

2 eggs

salt and pepper

Step 1: Hardboil the eggs.  If you’re really lazy you can just buy the hardboiled eggs.

Step 2: In a mixing bowl, throughly blend the cream cheese and the tuna with a spoon.  

Step 3: Dice the hardboiled eggs.  In my opinion, the smaller the bits, the tastier the dip is.  Just a heads up, large bits of egg make the dip look kind of gross but it still tastes great.

Step 4: Combine the eggs with the tuna and cream cheese and mix throughly.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Feel free to experiment with spices.  Dill and cheyenne pepper work well.

This dip is awesome on chips, crackers and bread and can also be used for sandwhiches.  It tastes great with hot sauce too.


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