Tuesday, December 12

The Gamer's Diet

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So throughout my years of gaming and hours upon hours of sitting (slouching) in my chair staring at a screen, people are amazed at the fact that I am not a fat slob, that my personal hygiene is still good, and that I have perfect health.

The general stereotype is that gamers are fat slobs that probably have a huge case of acne, have problems with their hygiene, and are unhealthy physically.

That can all be arranged. After all, I’ve done it. I’m of a perfect body mass index, have great hygiene, and I don’t have a single health problem.

So what others then ask is; how did you do it?

After considering it for so long, here’s a breakdown of what I do.

But first, we must realize that things in such a case come down to the one important thing: habit.

Habitually, the idea is that gamers have a cluttered room, filled with random junk and junk food, empty coke cans stacking high and crumpled chip bags. When visiting my friends’ places, that’s not very far off the mark. Why can’t this be fixed?

The average gamer has food within easy reach of his probably grossly disproportioned arms. Some richer gamers have a fridge right next to his computer. This in itself is not a problem. It’s what this food contains that is the problem. Discard those chips and cokes. I keep fruit by me at all times. It’s understandable. When waiting for something to load, when waiting for your computer to turn on, when waiting for…friends to log on, anything, we want to do something. In most cases, this involves sticking our fingers into the nearest chip bag and munching on something and taking a swig of coke. Why do that, though? Grapes and mini tomatoes are usually next to my laptop. Fruit, bananas, and water or a variety of healthy fruit juices are near me. These are a good habit to make out of. Taste? Who cares; it’s fruit, it gives you the sugar and carbs you need to continue gaming, and you’re too busy keeping an eye on your screen to miss a cheeseburger. You gotta reach level 50 by today, remember?

Of course, overdosing on this isn’t good either. In fact, gaming is practically the best way to diet. When gaming, one tends to forget one’s own hunger, and in between games, taking a bit time to hurriedly gobble down some tomatoes isn’t going to make you a fat slob. Choice of games isn’t bad either. Instead of stop gaming, switch between games. Especially games that take an initially long time to load. My choice of game, though, currently is HoN, a derivative of DotA. Games tend to be within an hour, and in between games, as I wait for a new game to start, I eat, or to the surprise of many, I do exercises. The game itself has a fantastic function of making a sound that alerts me when the game is full and is about to start, and in this time, I prepare extra HEALTHY food, walk around my room, clean my desk, go to the bathroom (this is extremely important. for those who know people that died because they neglected the bathroom…), or simply do a few pushups and/or sit-ups while I wait for my game to load. In fact, given this regime, I’m even more fit compared to some I know that exercise on a daily basis on a treadmill. For them, it’s a task that they must do; for me, it’s an interim that I can do, so why not? 

Again, for gamers, this isn’t a sudden immediate thing that you can get into. It’s just a simpler diet, taking advantage of your situation already. I’m not forcing you to change your food choice; in most cases, you probably never noticed what you were eating as long as you were chewing on something when waiting for your game to start. If you’re not hungry, get on the floor and do some pushups, or push away your seat and stretch your legs out while you can continue to surf the net. There are more chances in a gamer’s daily life to do small exercises and still get the most out of their games, than most people think.

For more information, feel free to comment or email me your questions so I may write additional articles on the matter of concern.


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