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Hon- The Game Itself

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I’ll now attempt to describe all the game mechanics and rules as simply as possible.

Just like DotA, HoN is also about two factions fighting it out; the Legion and the Hellbourne.

Each side has their own throne to protect, and when one side’s throne falls, the game ends and the side with their throne intact has won the game.

Starting from the 0 second and every half minute mark, creeps spawn at your own base and start traveling on 3 predetermined paths to the other side’s throne. These paths are generally referred to as top lane, mid lane, and bottom lane. On each lane lies 3 main towers that protect the lane and only by destroying the previous tower will the next tower become vulnerable to attack. Destroying a tower grants every person on your team bonus gold and pushes the lane closer towards the enemy throne, and therefore closer to victory. Right after the 3rd tower in each lane are 2 barracks, 1 for melee creeps and 1 for ranged creeps. Destroying these make it so that your creeps that spawn in that lane become mega creeps and are basically twice as strong. After the barracks are the 4th and final towers, 2 towers that guard the throne itself. Destroying these render the throne vulnerable, and only then can you win the game.

However, while it does get you closer to victory, sometimes players may choose to not push a tower by denying their own creeps. This is accomplished by using the attack command on an ally creep when its health is very low to prevent your lane from pushing and to prevent the enemy from getting gold for killing the creep and experience.

Gold is generated every second, or tick, at the rate of 1 gold per second. Killing creeps generates extra gold, but ranges depending on what type of creep you kill. Additional creatures, called Neutrals because they affiliate with neither faction, are found in the forest, or jungle. These are found at predetermined spots in the forest of both factions, and can be killed for extra gold and experience, but are much more difficult to kill compared to normal creeps.

Gold is used to mostly buy consumable items and permanent items. Items can range from unique ability usage to stats to consumable to do a single thing. Some abilities can be activated to help you escape or deal more damage, while others are passive abilities that alter the way you attack, such as life stealing. Some items simply add stats, which can be Strength, Agility, or Intelligence. Consumables may be for healing mana or hp, or placing an observing ward, or placing counter wards, and are used up once you have used them, and must be re-bought.

Stats determine a hero’s functionality in many cases. There are 3 of them. Each hero is primarily affiliated with one stat in particular, and putting points into those stats give them the basic bonuses of that stat, but also increase that hero’s attack by 1 per point.

Strength:  Putting points into strength give a hero 19 extra health points and increases his hp regeneration.

Agility: Putting points into agility give a hero 1 extra attack speed and extra armor.

Intelligence: Putting points into intelligence give a hero 13 extra mana and increases mana regeneration.

There are two types of armor: Armor and Magic Armor.

Obviously, these both defend against different things. Armor is gained through items and the Agility stat. This defends against physical attacks, or just the normal attacking by any hero. By increasing this type of armor, one can live longer against heroes that are purely about attacking you directly. However, it stacks decreasingly, so the more you get, the more you need to get extra protection.

Magic Armor is different; you can only gain it through items and you start with a base armor of 5.5, but unlike normal Armor, it does not stack, so there is no maximum. This armor only protects against magical based damage, allowing you to live longer against heroes that are all about using their spells to nuke you down.

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