Friday, December 15

Society That we Formed

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It is seemingly that societies are always formed for a particular purpose hether it is based on one particular idealism or derived from a system of beliefs. No man is an island because all human beings are not self-sufficient and need for a companion to establish one’s goal in life and no one working alone can get hold of anything of the legitimate necessities of life.

However, so that we can resolve this difficulty, we get together and form a community and will soon become a large society for the purpose of a mutual achievement of a common goal. This can only succeed if the individuals in a society will work together to become more efficient to upheld the goal and also individual also must be focused in their own strength, it must harmonize to the other strength in order that there will be synchronization and avoiding a conflict. Thus, the separation of functions and specialization of labor are the keys to the effectiveness of the establishment of a strong and capable society.

The downfall of our society nowadays is becoming more drastic than before. It turns out that the society that built before by our forefathers which they founded in moralistic and conservative way, has become corrupt in many ways. Though, to be fair to other individual who always make an action for preserving the society, sadly the majority of the member of our society has become the corrupting agents that degrade the value of becoming morally stable. Even the Church that supposed to stand up for the cause has been swarmed by issues of neglect and abandonment and this is the result of the lack of acknowledgment of the society to the Church(I’m talking about the Church built by God not of man).


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