Saturday, December 16

How to Oppose The Opposites

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This article will be basing on the argument on the cyclical interchange which implies that everything that exists has its own exact opposite side. By having that in mind then we can easily identify the things that we have and their opposite, contradiction and opposition this would help us in having our plans for the future. If we plan for something, it is important to know the pros and cons because this would determine the outcome of it and most of all we can prepare for the coming struggle if we implement our plan.

Hot comes from cold and cold from hot and that is, hot things are just cold things that have heated up. In a similarly way, if your fun will bring tremendous heat to you or to others then it is important to make it sure that the heat will never cool down. And if the heat will gone out then it is the point that your plan is unsuccessful. It is very important thou to build the momentum, so that you can ensure the success of your plan. So make sure you gather enough fuel to sustain the heat!

Nevertheless, a person who is awake is just the opposite of a person who was asleep but then awoke, while a person who is asleep is just the exact opposite of a person who is awake but then gone asleep. So if you want to be successful in life then you need to be determined that your plan will always in progress in don’t let it go asleep.


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