Monday, December 11

Finding True Virtue

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To quote the question of Socrates: “how can we ever learn what we do not know?” he added that “Either we already know what we are looking for, in which case we don’t need to look, or we don’t know what we’re looking for, in which case we wouldn’t recognize it if we found it” The thing is that we as a human have a nature of just finding things which meet our interest.

Although, we can’t learn everything at least make yourself aware of the things unknown, especially the things that truly count. The trend nowadays is to become wealthy and famous, and because of this majority of the people is thriving for a way to have these things even if forsaking their virtue in life.

All of us experienced the sudden realization of truth of something of which we had been unaware and ignorant, and we supposed it that we learned something new rather than emphasizing on the impact that would bring to the individual. We focus on the worth value of the thing not on the eternal impact that would bring to life. If it is worthless in terms of physical value then people neglect it but if the thing that he/she thinks that would bring him/her wealth then it will be placed on the treasure box of his/her heart.

 Because of the trend we tend to neglect the things that don’t apply to us even it is for the sake of his/her on morality. Some people chose to use trickery or other scheme just to have the wants in life. This greatly affects our society nowadays, some people think that they will have what they want if they will outlast other people but the truth is we can only have what we want if we can outlast our weaknesses not other people. Again, mind your own business!

Finding true virtue is a process and it involves a good relationship with others. It must be “Learning from one another” process not “Boasting to one another” process. Not to be religious but I advised it to you that if you want to have the true virtue while achieving thing in life then have God in your life and place him in the throne of your heart because in God true virtues burst like a fountain. Be aware of this, not family, nor education, money, fame, or even anything but in God you can find the true virtue in life.


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