Saturday, December 16

How Far do You Know About Justice?

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From the history of human existence to the first crime recorded [The murder of Abel in the hands of Cain his brother], the cry for justice has been inquired throughout the time and even until now. However, do we really understand about justice? Note that this article will be talking about the deeper sense of justice, the inevitable and TRUE justice not the justice of this corrupted world. Please don’t be mislead of me or any other but let your analytic and critical thinking judge the things I will present in this article. You are always free to comment below if you see this article is irrelevant and unwarranted.

Ever since we had known about books that are defining and elaborating about what justice is. Like the book of the Greek Philosopher Socrates named The Republic where the Book I contains the Socratic dialogue on the nature of what justice is. This dialogue involved the criticism, rejection, and yet the proposal to define and emphasize the true definition of what justice is. But again, as always, this book is basing the topic on argumentative approach and thwarting every opposing assertion through the use of mere intellect. But true justice is always been cradled by humility and a savor of love not on pride and discord.

We may find the notion of “Justice delayed is justice denied” around and yes the notion is true if and only if this is viewed by a worldly concept but true justice is always served the penalty of the violation committed. Now, the true justice can only and only found in God. It is an ironic thing that in a court here on earth a suspects, victims, or witnesses pledge to God and putting placing one hand on the Bible to pledge to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, but in the proceeding we can’t avoid lies and pretensions negating the truth just for winning the case.

Whether you like it or not, true justice will be implemented definite. And even though we find justice over a crime here on earth, it will be repeated in the court of God where everything will be presented and nothing is hidden. So if we cry for justice then we can’t find it here on earth then don’t you worry God is compiling all the evidence. And surely true justice will be served.


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