Tuesday, December 12

How Far Did You Go?

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Plato, a well-know Greek Philosopher at all time, of course not before him. He loved to use dialogues to support his argument not only to probe his position but to evaluate any significant notions. Plato also pointed out that philosophy is not to be use as a tool for making argument or even for counter-argument but to be used in life accordingly as to plan and decide for the best one sake and others. But it becomes, however, an arsenal to depend and to correct any mistake and also to thwart anybody that will become a barrier to his/her goal, nowadays.

Philosophy is not an evil thing or equally good but it depends to the person in how he/she utilize the benefit of using philosophy in life. It will turn evil if it is used to always opposed others and will be used as a agent of correcting or justifying his/her mistake. On the other, philosophy in life will be a good thing to have, if use in strategizing the proper life without aggravating others. But sadly, even the way in teaching philosophy in school has been becoming quite odd and to the extent of inculcating different view of life, like teaching the theory of communism, or even negating the existence of a Holy God that would result in a society of immorality and lawlessness. And if you look deeply to the trends nowadays this is likely to happen. As is written in the Scriptures, immoral actions will explode to the non-believing God society. Such as same-sex marriage, divorce, abortion, crime, and any evil act that drastically increase year by year. The usage of drugs for teens has heightened to the highest level and I believe that sooner or later this will overwhelm any scale in life. Acceptance of vulgar action such as dressing improperly, kissing in public, and publicly displaying of one’s affection has alarmed our moral community. And the worse, the multimedia becomes the great tool in uplifting this movement of immorality. In general, this will root to the twisted philosophy of life that life is about the things that satisfy the needs and wants of oneself even if it will nullify the moral standard.

The question that needs to be answer now is how far did you go in letting this twisted philosophy in life in invading your innocent character? You can’t deny that you are brought up to those philosophies in life and even me, I was trained and mentored by those philosophies but I didn’t let it mold my character and attitude. Nevertheless, you can start the change and challenge this generation to change also. As it is said that the change we need will begin to yourself.



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