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Business Schools In America: The Best On The List

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If your goal is to achieve success in the field of business, not many things can help you attain your ambitions like a Master in Business Administration degree. Numerous universities in the country can provide you with such degree, but if you possess the resources as well as the grades, it’s advisable to take into consideration entering one of the leading educational institutions in the nation. Here, we’ll check out a number of these important business schools and establish why a successful graduate of their business course will find it a little easier to make his or her way to the top of the business world.

Among the consistently top rated schools in the list is Harvard. It’s a tough school to enter. However, the other schools that regularly rank high in important surveys are similar in this regard. They have an extremely stringent admission procedure. According to some, a Harvard business degree will practically allow you to write your own ticket to success. This seems to be an unspoken but acknowledged truth among graduates. On the downside, recruiters apparently observe that Harvard graduates tend to be overconfident, a trait that puts off many companies.

Columbia Business School in New York City is another superior business school in the country. Compared to Harvard’s, Columbia’s admission policies are nearly unattainable. In fact, among business schools in America, they have one of the lowest admission rates. Warren Buffet, who at one time was the second wealthiest person in the planet, received his MBA from this school.

Similarly, one of the most distinguished and reputable business schools in the nation is the University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business. Whereas Harvard and Columbia require students to pass through a rigorous academic journey toward graduation, the Chicago Graduate School of business favors a more flexible curriculum enabling students to make their own modified modules from a wide range of program requirements. For two consecutive years, Business week has placed this school at the top of its list.

It is essential to own an MBA degree in order to reach success in the business arena, particularly in the United States where the number of students finishing graduate school is ever increasing. In this situation, the competition becomes more and more challenging. Hence, the lack of an MBA is a major disadvantage.

One the other hand, even though a degree from any of the top business schools is the most desirable, any MBA degree from other schools will surely give you a certain advantage.


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