Monday, December 18

Examining Our Life in The Lens of Truth

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Through the history we are molded by different theories in life that have been a greatly influenced our disposition and decisions in life, especially when you are a person brought up by the secular arena of learning. I had heard about the Greek corners of any learning institution even in a religious based learning institution, explicitly or implicitly.

So how do these things affect the view of life? Obviously, the impact is very cunning for us to understand. Our learning realm has been using those philosophies to lead us to independence. Independence? So it is good? Yes! Surely it is good but there is far even greater than that. These views, though promoting camaraderie, are depriving us to become cooperative to others, to the wise of making oneself greater than anybody else. To elaborate my position on this matter, I will be using the concept of Socrates as a model, in how the greater scheme has been developed.

Socrates reported that as a philosopher that no one is wiser than you. This would to be enough a clue for you to understand the point of view of Socrates; you cannot depend on others and the ONLY person that could help is yourself. If this notion be true, what would then the role of your family, friends, mentor, and especially God?

Socrates’ view is to assist anyone who will take his principles to have the so called genuine self-knowledge, even if it would result to aggravate others. Again Socrates goal is to understand everything that would help oneself to attain this supreme intellect. If this would happen to anyone, which individual will have the power, authority and glory of life and this would lead to gross ego or pride that will never accept any correction or any criticism. Though, this person will accept the opposition but deep inside the person grudged and will try to probe that the things he/she done is correct. Again this would nullify the humility that promotes peace and unity.

It would be a delightful thing to live a life that always giving way to others, to live a humble life because our life here on earth will never last. I was so touched by the Lord Jesus Christ when He teach in His Words that live a peaceable life with others as possible. Because the thing that really counts is the dash (19xx 20xx) on your gravestone. The question would be, what did you do to that dash, do you live it by your own sake or you ever consider others?


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