Thursday, December 14

The Profuse King Against The Traitor

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 It was a sunny day that Satino and prince Yeshua went for fishing. While the bandits whom Satino commission to kill the prince lurked in the forest and also the others were ready to raid the kingdom. But Satino was very disturbed that time because he noticed that before they left the kingdom the place was so quiet than usual and the guards of the palace were seemed to be lacking. Nevertheless, Satino sensed that there was something wrong that he did not even notice the mighty men faithful to the king.

   While the caravan reached the lake where prince Yeshua and Satino rode, a sudden commotion took place along the way. It was then the faithful soldiers of the king who apprehended the bandits that for the prince commanded them to guard the site all night long; it was then that the prince seized Satino and all the soldiers that Satino brought together with the caravan. Meanwhile, in the kingdom the companion of Satino started the revolt but as they attempted to enter the palace the battle cry of Micoy was echoed throughout the place, and so that archers together with the soldier positioned in place, apprehending the traitors to the king.

  After the unsuccessful attempt of Satino to kill the prince and overthrowing the kingdom, prince Yeshua gathered all the traitors in the king’s hall and interrogated them especially Satino, and prince Yeshua stressed to Satino that he was greatly favored by the king and well respected throughout the kingdom, and that he dared to plot against his majesty. Prince Yeshua was so sorry for Satino for he considered Satino as his own brother and the prince started to become emotional and personal. Then Micoy interfered when he saw that the prince became so emotional and asked him in what to do with Satino and others. So prince Yeshua commanded Micoy to bring them to the dungeon and wait for the king’s arrival to make the verdict against the traitors of the kingdom.

   1 week has gone by, the king arrived in the kingdom with full of gladness and delight for what he has done in the horizon. So the king ordered a big celebration through the kingdom. But prince Yeshua and Micoy didn’t yet tell the king about the things that occurred in the kingdom and what happened to Satino. The celebration began in the kingdom; there was a good tidings and great noise that engulfed the peaceful kingdom. But suddenly the king noticed the absent of Satino and his other officers that used to greet him in every success the king have, so the king asked prince Yeshau and Micoy who were beside the king. It was in the middle of the evening that prince Yeshua bade the king a goodbye and Micoy started telling the king that the state of Satino was confidential and prince Yeshua will tell the king by tomorrow. So the king’s spirit became low and understood to what Micoy was implying, so the king ignored Micoy and continued marrying with the rest of the kingdom.


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