How to make your life happier!

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Let’s face it, life is not easy.  We get so wrapped up in money, business, people, jobs, working, that we have lost all sense of true, unfiltered happiness.  (I believe).  Of course it is important to work, make money and have the ability to support yourself and your family, but is this what life is all about?  What was the purpose of putting us here on this Earth (whoever did put us here)?  Was it really to grow up, work, work, and work, pay taxes, and die?  Grim, I know… but for a lot of us that is what life is and will turn out to be!  I don’t pretend to be a rebel to society, but I do believe that so many things are wrong in how we treat our day to day lives.  My method… or should I say, outlook, on life has helped me immensely.

S1.  Someone is always worse off than you!  Of course, there is that one guy down at the very bottom of the pot who can’t say this.  He truly is the worst.   But for the other six billion of you, life isn’t all that bad.  Yes it gets hard, you get sick, you get in an accident, your loved one passes away, and you get fired.  I don’t in any way mean to trivialize the pain of getting laid off, and being afraid of the future and what it will bring with no money, but think about a time… the time before we had cars, electricity, and the wonderful gadgets that we take for granite on a daily basis.  Before all of this came in to play, what did we have?  We had life.  We had people.  There are still people these days that live like this… whether off the coast of Madagascar or the mountain tops of Mount Everest.  They are there, and they are happy.  Why?  They understand that life isn’t about the car, the house, or the wallet… it’s about your family, your connection with the earth, and your ability to enjoy each and everyday because it is truly a gift.  As hard as your life may seem… you are alive, and you have the ability to smile, laugh, and enjoy company with loved ones.  Rejoice in the gifts you have been given and stop wishing for more!  We can wish forever… our wish list will never end.  You will never be satisfied with the attitude of wanting more and more.  Stop worrying about what you can have, or should have, because you will not find happiness ever if this is the way you choose to operate.

S2.  Do something that you enjoy, everyday.  Of course we must get up, go to work and pretend to love this routine.  But if we had it our way, we’d spend our days another way.  What would you do?  My advice to you… take some time out after work, before work, or on your lunch break to do something that you love doing!  Anything… whatever makes you happy, put down the channel changer, get out of the chair and be active!  Break a sweat, push yourself… don’t let go of your youth!  Laugh and smile!  Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself… chances are, you’ll never see those people again!  Life is too short to waste away with monotony and routine. 

S3.  Help others… I tell you, helping other people feel good will make you feel good.  I promise that 100%.  Volunteer at a nursing home, an orphanage or even an animal humane society.  Being of the aid to others will show you how lucky you really are… you never know whose life you could change!


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