Save Money with Freebies and Coupons

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walmart_Thumb.jpg… that’s right Wal-mart themselves promote free samples and trials. Click on “In stores now” and “Free Samples & Trials,” but I must warn you the selection is very low. Once in a while they have some good freebie so make sure to check into their website before shopping

. shop4freebies_Thumb.jpg has many listings of free stuff and coupons as well. After visiting this site you shouldn’t have to visit another because they list every deal that is flying around on the net. The warning here is that you will have to fill out a small form to receive some of the deals listed. Some you can print, but some will be mailed to you. I know what you are thinking… mail? Who wants to wait for them to mail it? But hey it’s free, be patient. Also, you should know this already but none of these sites should ask for your credit card. If they do it’s a scam and just click away.

 retailmenot_Thumb.jpg has great saving for your online shopping needs. They keep an inventory of all the online codes for you to abuse. (Online codes are codes stores use to give you online deals) Click on the search icon and search for codes to your favorite store’s, or run through some of the popular sites listed.

 freecycle_Thumb.jpg is for those that believe that someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure. If you haven’t discovered Freecycle, you must sign up. You type your city, you sign up, and you can post your junk that you want to get rid of for it to become someone else’s treasure, or you can post wanted items. Either way it’s free stuff.

 manybooks-mobile_Thumb.jpg… free eBooks for your PDA, iPhone, or eBook Reader. Just because we are tightening our belts doesn’t mean we should halt our artistic education. This site provides you with free reading material on oldies but goodies or newbies, which is also great for students. No need to spend your money at the book store, plus, it saves you a trip to the library as well.


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