Here is a Streamlined Weight Training Routine you can Implement Today

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I love to workout with weights.  Something about being able to lift something, do it under control and know your body will better off for it, has a great sounds to it.  Of course the flip side of that is, especially if you workout at a gym, is thought of getting up early or going after work and waiting in line to use specific equipment.  If you work out at home, sure you don’t have to wait but the downside of this is can you stay motivated to keep a routine going.

Either way one thing we can all agree on is the amount of time we have to dedicate to working out with weights and getting ourselves in shape.  Since my schedule has seem to become more hectic I have had to come up with a routine that will allow me to fit in anything I can do to hit all the major muscle groups.

The major muscle groups consist of the back, biceps, chest, triceps, legs, shoulders and abs.  It sounds like a lot, but with my approach you can hit them all and get a great workout.

The first thing I did was settle on one exercise routine for each muscle group.  I use to do 2 or 3 for each group, but now that I am limited on time, I picked one routine and hit that exercise hard.  For example, my chest routine now consists of dumbbell bench presses and that is it.

Now that I am performing just one exercise for each group, I have to make that exercise count.  Therefore I do one to three sets of each exercise, with about eight to twelve reps per set.  I set my weight to be something that will challenge me and work my muscles, and as I get stronger I will increase the weights, or the reps or add a set or all three depending on where I am at with that specific exercise.

With my weight training exercise routine in place, one exercise for each of the major muscle groups, my next step is to write everything down.  I do this to keep track of my progress.  I can refer back to days and see where I was, and based on what I have accomplished it allows me determine where I need to go, or in other words what my future goals should be.  Also writing everything down keeps me motivated.  It lets me see just how much stronger I have become.

The final thing to do is to set aside 3 days out of the week in which you are going to do to this routine.  My days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I work out first thing in the morning.  My routine lasts no shorter than 30 minutes and no longer than 45.  Since I am only doing the routine 3 days out of the week, it only takes up at most two hours and fifteen minutes out the 168 hours available to me during a 7 day week.  When you break it down into this manner, you can see that everyone has at least two hours available to them over the course of 7 days.

Just remember that before you start any exercise program with weights you should consult with your primary care physician to get a complete physical and clean bill of health.

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