Sunday, December 17

Childcare Ideas: Storm Play Day

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Storms can be scary especially if you are a child. Childcare givers or family members can help children be less afraid.

Tell stories in the dark with a comforting candle. Keep in mind that children are more scared in general than parents or teachers. Show excitement when children are telling stories during this storm period. This will help children to focus on using their imagination while creating a great storm time story.

Play games with big boxes filled with toy stuffed animals. Children could pretend to run a zoo and have to take care of the animals and keep all the animals company during this storm. Take a reader’s book light and give the children ideas on shining it on their cages and checking in on them because of the storm.

Yard Sale

Neat things are always found at yard sales. Children can pretend to gather things from around the house. They can decide on a destination to play yard sale and find great things to place in it. Children can make an area look quite quaint by adding special touches that they think will make a cool yard sale, many toys on their toy rack give them many ideas. Books and magazines are another great option. They could serve snacks at this pretend yard sale.

Children soon will almost forget about the storm that has left all the lights out and will not be asking every five minutes if the lights are coming on soon. Telling stories and playing zoo keeper may just add to hours of fun even when the storm is over.

Snack Time

Give children snack time while a storm is moving through the area. Snacks are good for the body and imagination. Let the children create snacks that are fun to make. Peanut butter and jelly is always a winner of a choice.

Children are brilliant. They can make it through storms with a little motivation and smiling faces.


Today was a stormy day at my home while childcare services were provided. The power did go on eventually after a couple of hours. The two children I provided childcare services for that day learned that stormy days can be more fun than they thought.

This type of storm was not one that advised seeking shelter. The types of storms to play using these ideas I have given are only when light storms are passing through and the power may have shut off. Otherwise help scared children go to safer areas within the home while helping their fear factor stay in tack. Singing songs, telling stories all help ease their minds. Teach them about faith in their creator. Pray with them and watch peace surround their area of shelter.

Children like I’ve always said are brilliant. Give them reasons not to fear. Even though it may be a reason to fear help them feel secure within your love for them. Then when the storm ends playing will be what’s on their minds not hiding under a bed.



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