Beloved Mother Earth

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Beloved Mother Earth

By: nobert bermosa

I was amused and was surprised on what I saw

The beauty and loveliness of our dear Earth

it’s incomparable, it’s truly wonderful

It was captivating, Garden of Eden

From North Pole down to the south

Its sceneries were beyond compare

No squatters, no shanties, no pollution

Nile, Mississippi, Congo, Yangtze, Amazon

and all the great rivers were so clean

Sunset anywhere else was truly fascinating

In the east and in the west coast

Beaches were truly alluring, inviting…

I’ve heard birds chirping and singing

I’ve seen variety of fishes swimming

It was a journey that was so calm and clear

Not a single bad element was encountered

I’ve smelled the breeze that was so fragrant

No rubbish that scattered around

No floods or flash floods, no landslides,

No calamities and no diseases

It was truly an ideal place

Meadows and gardens were paradise

Mountains were thickly forested

Wildlife were of great abundance

Its natural resources

Were endless, limitless

The fields were picture of bountiful harvest

The people have neither pain nor sorrow

It felt like I was in heaven

Everything I’ve viewed and saw was a beauty

It brought sensation to the heart

The creaking of the bamboos were sounds of violins

The waves of the ocean were love songs

The flowing waters were songs of the fairies

The blowing wind was sound of music;

On the nature’s orchestra

The trees and plants dances

With great joy and happiness

But when my consciousness returned

I was on a vehicle that traveled so fast

Only then I realized, I journeyed to the past

On the “time machine” were I was

It was only then that I’d witnessed

The real beauty of our beloved

“Mother Earth”.


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