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Simple Resume Cover Letter – What I Did to Get a Better Paying Job

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I was applying for a job using a simple resume cover letter a short while few months ago.One thing that I know helped me a lot was to do some research on the company I wanted to work for.  I found an ad online about a company that was hiring and I checked it out. 

Their website had a lot of information that helped me. 

I wanted to make my simple resume cover letter stand I knew that some of the information I took from the website would help me stand out I just didnt know how to put it all into paper.  I dug out a cover letter manual that I found useful the last time and rewrote my cover letter with some of the information I got from the website. 

From their website I learned that the company was a big supporter of the Childrens Miracle Network.  I, through my brother, had participated in different events where the money raised went to that organization.  I thought it might help so I put that in, it helped me relate in a different level.

The manual also suggested I use professional language on my cover letter.  Just because it was a simple resume cover letter it didnt mean I wasnt going to be as professional as possible.  I made sure I was coming across as someone with a background and understanding of the field of work I was applying too.

When it came time to submit it, the companies I really wanted to work for were asking for it to be sent via email.  As convenient as email is, it takes the personal contact, which I thought was very important, out.  I followed directions and emailed the resume and cover letter. Then I followed it up with hard copies delivered in person to the ones I really wanted to be considered for the position.  It was only three of the six I sent outI know most applicants would just brush it off as complete when it was emailed.  I took the extra step of going to the company and made an effort to have a moment with the person who would make the decision.

Thats what helped me get a better paying job.  I made sure to follow directions.  I didnt want to just walk in with my resume before emailed it.  I really didnt want to look like someone who doesnt know how to follow directions. I wanted to look like someone who goes above and beyond to get the job done with a great simple resume cover letter.  I think the combination of personal visit with something to relate too along with experience on the job were my biggest selling tools.

  1. Research the company I wanted to move too
  2. Put a cover letter in proper language
  3. Emailed when asked too but always went in to drop off a hard copy.

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