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le Resume Cover Letter – Why I Wasn't Getting Results

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Simple resume cover letters can be tricky to put together.  I know I was making mistakes for two reasons.  First, I wasnt getting any interviews and two what I was selling wasnt wanted.  I had to change what I was offering in order to get hired.  One thing I can tell you, its not the fact that it was a simple letter.

Theres nothing wrong with using a simple resume cover letter.  In fact it can be a good thing depending on how many the reader has to go over.  What was messing up my opportunities was that the simple cover letter I was using was way too generic.  It didnt relate to the reader at all.  Simple doesnt not mean generic with nothing to offerA generic cover letter that simply says I know about the job you have.  Here I am.  Hire me. is not going to catch anyones attention.

Another way a simple resume cover letter is used incorrectly is by thinking that because its simple a simple individual is going to read it.  What I mean by this is that because your letter is simple not to long without to much details.  Doesnt mean it shouldnt be in language the reader can relate too and make an assessment of your knowledge of the field your in.  In fact when I started using the resume cover letter creator I have.  I noticed that the language on those letters was more indicative of someone with background on that field.  Again, though what I was saying was simple, the language was professional.

I found results when I made changes to my simple resume cover letter and didnt submit a generic letter that was half a page long simply telling them I wanted the job they had to offer.  Now that I think about it, why would they hire me if all I sounded like was someone looking for a pay check!  Not someone with something to contribute to the company, who in turn received a pay check for their time.  Read that again.  It gives you a very different feeling to have something to offer than to be looking for a job.  Its value!

  1. I was to simple and generic.
  2. It was not using language that the reader could relate too

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