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Simple Resume Cover Letter – 3 Simple Steps to Make it to The Job Interview

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A simple resume cover letter that stands out is one that comes across honest with desire to learn.  Regardless on how much experience you may have on the subject.  Theres always room to grow and learn from others in the field.  This I know can help anyones chances of being hired.  The following three have helped my get to more interviews than anything else.

To keep it as simple a resume cover letter as possible, I dont go over one page.  I know at times we have many points we want to put on the page but consider the amount the reader has to read.  You dont want to be the one who wrote a book and the reader just passed it up because it looked like a task just to get through the cover letter.  The following step I know helped me cut down my cover letter size and make them go to the resume.

Heres what I did to make them read my resume.  Lets say Im talking about past team experience on projects.  I would say something like as youll notice on the projects section of my resume, I worked on the XYZ program and several others that had great success.  Theyre all pointed out on that section for your review.  This way I would give them something to turn the page for.  Otherwise, the reader might think theres nothing new to read on the resume.  Many people tend to repeat whats on the cover letter and the resume.  Dont do that and keep it a simple resume cover letter.

The third would be a question.  Where does exaggeration become a lie?  Remember we started with the point of being honest on our letter.  I know how sometimes I was tempted to exaggerate my letter to the point where it had parts that werent exactly truths.  I dont recommend lies on the cover letter.  They can come back and bite you.  Instead, I would focus on my desire to learn and my ability to pick things up quickly with minimal delays or loss of productivity.  In cases where I was limited on experience or I wanted to make my letter a little more specific to the industry I would use my resume creator to clean up the language I used for more specific language to the field.

Thats what worked for me my simple resume cover letter, thought I dont always get the interview it has been well received by the readers. 

  1. Dont make it to long, dont ramble
  2. Direct attention to your resume through your cover letter
  3. Dont lie about past experience if you dont have it, but show desire and the ability to learn quickly.

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