Monday, December 18

What Makes a Blog Successful?

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What makes a blog successful you may ask? Well to answer that question we first need to know what is a blog. A blog is a kind of website, owned and maintained by someone who regularly makes entries of commentary, descriptions or other materials. Some blogs provide news or commentaries on a subject, and others act as a sort of diary. The basic blog is a combination of text, images, links and materials such as videos. Many blogs consist of text but some focus on other things such as art, videos and music. An important part of many blogs is the ability of leaving comments.

Now we know what a blog is, but what makes it successful? The most important factor is the content of the blog. A blog’s content should have well written text that is worth reading, the content should be frequently updated but only if the blogger has something important to say, it should varied in topic, consistent, eye-catching and it should have images and videos to attract more attention. A blog should be aware of its audience and a blogger should be responsive to what other people have to say in their comments. Other key ingredients for a successful blog are originality, honesty and humor where possible.

A blog should be a reflection of you so it should contain subjects that you know a lot about, or you feel strongly about, or both and it should be personalized with an unique design that will make your blog remembered. Last but not least a successful blog should be promoted. It’s no use if you have a great blog and no one knows about it. Although making a blog is very common in our days, making a successful blog is hard and maintaining its success is even harder.


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