Friday, December 15

Diary of a Happy Black Woman.

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In the age of Tyler Perry movies, I can do bad all by myself , Diary of a mad black woman And Mocumentary’s  Like The book of love and Diary of a tired black man.

I cant help but being left with this feeling of something to be desired. Where are the happy people? Where are the motivational movies? Where are the beautiful songs that are telling you a great message laid on top a futuristic beat? Don’t get me wrong there are most definitely some. But they are outnumbered by negative low vibration movies and music. My definition of “low vibrational” is that it doesn’t promote you to advance your “consciousness” or “learn” With all the negative “art” that is out there is no wonder it is so difficult for us to see the good in ourselves as well as the potential of our lives.  The intent of this article is not to complain, as there is no benefit in complaining. My intention is simply to bring to your attention, the current situation as is and  motivate people to create quality art with a message. Regardless of all the negative things that penetrate our awareness, Have you looked at the sky lately? Its so beautiful. I get a feeling of pure euphoria sky gazing. It inspires me to create. The sound of the ocean washing against the sandy shores, Simply Amazing. My point is I find my happiness in the middle chaos. No one person can change the world in one day,   But we can change our lives so that they are more fulfilling and enjoyable, To us. Nobody in this world can make you happy unless your happy in your own skin, True happiness is finding your happy place and loving yourself unconditionally as well as realizing that you are the master of your own destiny, The creator of your own reality. I have found my happy place, And this my dears are memoirs from the diary of a happy black woman.


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