Friday, December 15

Article Writing – Write an Article in 20 Minutes Flat

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I know it sounds incredible but it takes me no more than 20 minutes to frame an article of 400 to 500 words. Yes, you heard it right…20 minutes flat. There are quite a few tricks that I use but more than anything it is the desire to write. Needless to say, I love writing…

I’ve no intentions to lay bare my utterances about how I struggled to establish myself in the freelance writing industry. So let us head straight to explore some of the essential techniques I employ to make a few extra bucks and at the same time, satisfy the creative urge within me. I like writing but that doesn’t mean I’ll spend an entire day writing articles. I’ve other household chores to take care of as well. Taking up freelance writing as a career, seriously got me thinking about quick ways to complete a job. Here are the tips I follow:  

  • I write only what I like to write about. It can be anything depending on my whims and fancies. Yes, you may ask what I do when client deliverables knock at the door. I only take up projects I feel I can comfortably handle myself.

  • When I am writing for myself, it’s not necessary that I come up with the topic within 20 minutes of creating an article. Sometimes, it takes days for an idea to conjure up, and ideas pop in at any hour of the day. I quickly jot them down in my notebook even when I am on the move.

  • It’s not always I take into account all the ideas that I jotted down in my notebook. At times, I’ve to give up a particular idea that doesn’t quite flow well with the rhythm of the article.

  • I firmly believe that saving a good idea is never wise. Sometimes when too many deliverable are to be met, new ideas tend to take a backseat. But it’s not often that unique ideas do their rounds. So employ the best of your ideas at the time when it comes to you.

  • I also like juggling between articles. Often it happens, while writing one article; I shift on to another topic and start writing on it. I do this only when I’m awfully struck with the writing fever.

You may ask then why don’t I take writing as a full time job. I agree writing is easy but coming up with unique and innovative ideas is tough. I’m sure the passionate writers out there will agree with me.


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