Friday, December 15

Procrastination – What is It?

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Why are you reading this article? Could it be you’re procrastinating? It’s very likely that many people visit Bukisa and lots of other sites way too often just because they don’t feel like focusing on their actual work. Some people acknowledge the fact that they procrastinate, others are not as eager to admit it. But what is procrastination anyway?

Well, the truth is, almost everything can be called procrastination. For example, preparing tea. Let’s say you’re writing an important essay or a thesis. At some point you realize that you feel like having a cup of tea. It’s possible that the main reason you feel like having tea is that you really want to take a break from writing. Feeling hungry, like, every twenty minutes would probably be procrastination too. When you go prepare some food, your work is waiting! And you are happy to let it wait.

Did you really need to check your e-mail a few minutes ago? Did you? Well, let’s be honest, checking your e-mail often is procrastination as well. Damn the Internet for giving us too many opportunities to procrastinate! There are so many websites you can find yourself visiting for no real reason. Like, seriously, why are you even reading this? Weren’t you just working on something more important? If not, then great. If you were, well, I’m happy procrastination led you to my article! Believe it or not, but this article is a result of procrastination too. I was actually supposed to do some studying, but ended up on Bukisa and started typing away.

Anything you do to postpone work (including homework, you kids and students!) is procrastination. Noticed a little coffee stain on your desk? Think getting rid of it immediately is more important than finishing that essay or whatever else you’ve been working on? Well, welcome to the world of procrastinators! Is being a procrastinator as bad as some people will tell you it is? Not really. Don’t be scared just because someone said procrastination means a mental disorder or whatever else. As long as you do get things done in time, it’s alright to procrastinate. But you should remember that you might become a ball of stress if you always complete your tasks right before the deadline.


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