Wednesday, December 13

Benefits Of Premium Accounts of File-Hosting Websites

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The net is just like a jungle, you can’t get enough. A lot of us have become much hooked on movies, games, music, reading books etc, and that’s why most people are in hunger of getting these stuffs. In this post I will explain the advantages of using a premium account of major file-hosting websites like rapidshare, hotfile, megaupload etc.

A file-hosting website allows users to upload their stuffs and from then on, files can be downloaded using a free account or a premium account. We are not discussing about free accounts here as our focus is on premium accounts that hold lots of things which a free account cannot provide you. File-hosting websites use a large database of various files and contents like movies, songs, informational videos, ebooks and more that you simply won’t have the ability imagine, they have numerous files which can be downloaded easily if you have a premium account.

Following are the main great things about using a premium account of File Hosting Website:

  • Super-Fast servers, maximum downloading speed.

  • Ability to use downloading managers like IDM, Flashget, DAP for downloading files.

  • No waiting, you can download files immediately.

  • Direct download links will be available, just position the links and will also be automatically downloaded.

  • Extra server-slots is going to be also available for premium users.

  • Download up to you need, no file-size limit.

  • Back-increase files, when you upload information as being a premium user, your uploaded file will not delete .

  • Full-prior dedicated support, get instant reply using their staff.

Besides every one of these points, don’t forget file-hosting websites are receiving the greatest database of files everywhere in the internet, so your downloading hunger would not vanish. Rapidshare premium account costs around $11 Per month and $86 / year, I might personally prefer undertake a full one-year premium account if you’re very sticky to downloads.

You can always use some leech sites to enjoy the benefits of premium users without paying. You can get a list of such sites from

Remember, i always prefer premium accounts than free accounts, so should you.


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