Friday, December 15

You Scratch My Back I Scratch Yours

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Even as child I had noticed this strange phenomenon. Unless you give something you do not get anything in return.

When dad wants his expensive pen back from my hand he gives me a crayon. When mom needs her spectacles back she gives me a toffee. Later on when I started going to school I noticed my classmates gave me something to eat from their lunch pack only if I gave them mine. My pet dog gives my priced wallet when I give him a bone. It is so mutual that it never occurred to me as something strange when I joined marketing. As a marketing executive I needed my products and services to be sold for money. My customers wanted products that met their needs for a price. Going further I have noticed marriage, love and the like also follow the give and take policy. The more you give the more you get. Learn to give more before you expect more from others. Read articles of all others in Bukisa and in return you will find others are reading yours too. This is the law of nature and there are no shortcuts to this. 

You scratch my back and I scratch yours.


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