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Is Fluoride Safe For Human Consumption

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It is amazing that some are still debating this question in 2010. Perhaps if more was known about the origins of fluoride and what particular problems it solves for industry, we might have a better prospective on the matter.  Also, if we understood better, the financial implications of fluoride use, that would also bring some clarity to the question.

Most understand that it’s all about the money, however without some level of detail, that is just a convenient phrase without any particular substance. Dentists were convinced that fluoride was essential to maintain good dental health. They in turn with their credentials and respect helped to convince the rest of us that fluoride was not only essential but also harmless to our kids.

Then one day we saw warnings on our toothpaste labels informing us that if toothpaste was ingested internally, a physician and or poison control center should be sought. This hardly sounds harmless.

Another question is why is it being placed in our drinking water? After all, if we should contact a poison control center after ingesting toothpaste, what about 4 or 8 glasses of tap water a day?

By the way, what about the claim that fluoride is primarily just industrial waste from the production of aluminum, and putting in toothpaste and drinking water is a convenient way of disposal.

At a US Senate hearing on the “Safe Drinking Water Act” on June 29, 2000 – Dr J. William Hirzy, Senior Vice President of the EPA Headquarters Union – testified before congress as to the union’s views on the fluoridation of public water supplies. The full context of that presentation can be viewed via the link below.   

Here is a video that will share some light on the subject. If you cannot view this video from this article, Click on the link below that will take you to the website.


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