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Worth Its Salt: The Dead Sea

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The Dead sea is one of the, most natural and spiritual landscapes, in the world that provides us with it’s amazing healing powers and properties. The name may suggest death, but the waters of the Dead sea provide life to it’s users.

Why is the dead sea so called?

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The Dead sea, is so called, because of it’s high salinity that prevents, macroscopic and aquatic, organisms, such as fish and aquatic plants from living within the waters, but a large amount of bacteria and microbial fungi are able to thrive and, survive in the waters of the Dead sea.

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The surrounding areas of the Dead sea.

The mountains surrounding the Dead sea are home to many animals, such as camels, ibex, hares, jackals, foxes, and even leopards also a large amount of birds. There are nature reserves around the Dead sea area.

What’s the climate like?

The climate offers all year round sunny, sky’s and dry air with no pollution. Temperatures are high, and the region also has weakened ultraviolet radiation. Because of the Dead sea climate it can offer therapy’s, by using it’s temperatures humidity, sunshine and barometric pressure (atmospheric pressure) Treatments include, light therapy and simply bathing in the waters of the Dead sea, is believed to have beneficial effects upon the pores of the skin, known as thalassotherapy.

Research heaven.

The Dead sea area has become a hot bed for health research and treatments, with it’s mineral content, and very low content of pollens and allergens in the atmosphere, and the reduced ultraviolet light component of solar radiation, as well as it’s higher atmospheric pressure, and the great depths of the Dead sea each of these elements have specific health effects.

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People suffering from respiratory diseases can benefit from the increased atmospheric pressure. People suffering for the skin disorder Psoriasis can have the benefit of sunbathing for long periods of time due to the below sea level element, as the sun’s harmful UV rays are reduced.

How deep?

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The Dead sea is the deepest hypersphere (Salt) lake in the world, reaching (1,385ft) below sea level.

How can you take these benefits home with you?

Natural sea salts.

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The use of Dead sea bath salts can help you’re body to absorb the mineral-rich properties in the comfort of you’re own bath by using 1-2lbs of salt foe each bath. This is said to relive muscle tension, arthritis, and good for detoxification for the skin.

Dead sea mud.

Dead sea mud is good for the skin as a face mask or all over treatment as it peels away dead skin cells to reveal a more youthful, healthy skin layer, as well as improving blood circulation and skin generation. Dead sea mud, has been proven to help skin disorders such as eczema, acne and even wrinkles.

There are a lot of products on line and in beauty shops with Dead sea ingredients go ahead and indulge yourself, to the power of the Dead sea.


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