Tuesday, December 12

Opinions on The Gulf Oil Spill

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BP. British Petroleum. If you are an American, and you hear that name you want to toss your cookies. Days are numbering in the 60s since that fateful day few months ago when eleven workers lost their lives. Sometimes it may seem we have forgotten about the workers. We haven’t and our hearts and thoughts go out to their families.

Today I heard of the suicide of a fisherman whom, after the spill, helped BP clean some of the never ending oil. Also domestic abuse and alcoholism are on the rise. Psychologists say they saw these instances after the Exxon Valdez spill as well.

BP says its paid millions to Gulf families affected by the spill, but money isn’t going to bring those eleven workers or that fisherman back. A little drop in the bucket may be better than none for some families, but it’s not enough to pay the bills that are piling up; and have we forgotten that this economy isn’t great to begin with. So joblessness will increase in the Gulf. For some, working for BP is better than starving to death, but they do it with heavy hearts.

The environment is suffering. Wildlife—well you’ve all seen the pictures of the pelicans covered in oil. That brought tears to my eyes. Endangered sea turtles were burned alive in some of the attempts to clean this oil up. Some others beached themselves. Other animals are beaching themselves as well. Some just eat tainted seafood. Others can’t breathe because they’ve inhaled oil. Some are just soaked with oil to the point where they just can’t fly or swim.

Safety? What’s that? How can you build an oil rig with out having proper safety mechanisms? What BP deemed ‘safe’ was a blowout preventer. A former worker said there were two aboard that fateful rig. One was already not working, and as for the other the company used short cuts to try and keep it working. Shortcuts to save money. No new oil rigs should be built if you can’t afford to keep your safety mechanisms working (which BP could afford it. They just chose not to do it properly) . Regulations should be put in place and safety mechanisms and such should be over seen by a special independent agency that makes safety priority one for fields such as this. In general, I am against new rigs being built. It’s time for new sustainable resources like wind or solar powers. However, being that we haven’t learned and are quite dependent on oil (including myself-I do drive) if we have to drill off shore then please do it safely and with higher regulations for safety mechanisms and gear.

According to CNN the Gulf disaster has cost over $2.3 billion dollars so far, but who’s going to be footing this bill? The head of BP says BP takes full responsibility,but they haven’t taken full responsibility. If they did, this mess would’ve been done with and cleaned up already! BP stocks have fallen tremendously, which I think is what BP wants because then the American people will have to foot the bill .

Don’t you find it just a little strange that instead of going to an oil execs conference in England, the head of BP participated in a car race and came in something like third place?

The head of BP and his cronies lie through their teeth constantly. It’s only 3,000 barrels a day. Well that was up from 1,000. Then a professor from Purdue called them out and it turns out it’s a ton more than 3,000 barrels a day. They keep changing their story and saying they never downplayed this disaster. Every other day a new lie is revealed. Well, yes you have downplayed the disaster tremendously by not doing what you are supposed to be doing! Do you think this cap is working? NO IT’S REALLY NOT WORKING! The captured oil is being collected on barge. I want to know what you are doing with that oil. Are you profiting from this disaster while others suffer? Meanwhile, more and more oil leaks into the Gulf!

So many people, including the actor, Kevin Costner, have come to BP with possible solutions for sealing off the leak itself. However, BP refuses to listen to anyone. “It’s not scientific.” “It won’t work.” At this point, TRY ONE OF THESE inventions. IT MIGHT WORK! Anything is better than sitting on your hands, staring into space, and acting like nothing is happening.

Have you heard the dispersant controversy? Dispersant clumps up oil and bring it to the surface of the water where it can then be collected and disposed of properly.. Now, BP has been using a dispersant that it says isn’t environmentally harmful. The Environmental Protections Agency (EPA), which is a government agency, says otherwise, and ordered BP to use a dispersant that is environmentally friendly. BP pushed the EPA aside, and now the dispersant they were ordered to use sits in a warehouse in Texas.

People want the government to takeover. THE GOVERNMENT IS ALREADY THERE! The Coast Guard and other Armed Forces, and the EPA are there in the gulf. That’s the government! They are being ignored by BP. There’s not much they can physically do right now, that they haven’t already done.

I don’t understand why our government can’t sue the head of BP or BP itself. They lie and go directly against our government’s orders.

In looking at the BP website (http://www.BP.com ). They own the following brands:






Wild Bean Cafe.

Perhaps we should either boycott or greatly lessen our use of these products. Some think boycotting won’t do much good., but what else can we do?

Here’s a list of their board members: http://www.bp.com/managedlistingsection.do?categoryId=9021626&contentId=7041219 Maybe we should start a letter campaign. Urge them to do something (if you choose to write letters, please keep them civil). Oh, and read some of these biographies. They might shock you just a little bit.

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