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Parasite City

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A young woman wakes up to find she has a fever, joint pains, and a sever headache, worried what it might be, she goes to see her doctor. The doctor is worried about the fever that will not go away, and arranges some blood tests. The doctor asks the young woman if she has been out the country. The young woman tells him, that nine months ago she had taken a trip to Africa. The blood tests come back showing abnormalities in the young woman’s blood. The doctor tells the young woman she has malaria, but the form that she has is a tiny parasite called Plasmodium.

The young woman was treated with anti malarial drugs. The main drug used is chloroquine, but it is sometimes found ineffective agents Plasmodium, other drugs are proven to be effective, is called a beta blockerpropranolol. It blocks the entry of the parasite to the red blood cells, and also can prevent the replication of the parasite. The young woman survived after her treatment was successful.

How Plasmodium Effects the Body

One of the most serious forms of malaria is caused by a tiny parasite called, Plasmodium. The tiny parasite is transmitted from host to host by a mosquito. When an infected mosquito bites a human, the parasites enter the blood stream, and travails to the liver were they reproduce. The new parasite moves back into the blood stream, and attacks red blood cells, there they multiply and split the cells apart and leagues of parasites renter the blood stream and start the attack all over again.

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The fly has a lot to answer for.

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A man, had the experience of the bot-fly larvae living under his skin. A server infestation. His back held six of the larvae. The man had to wait till the larvae had died, before doctors could remove them safely.

How a Botfly’s Larvae Effects The Body

The bot-fly is very cunning, making sure her eggs are lade in the right environment. The bot-fly uses another insect. The botfly transports her larvae, by attaching her eggs to a mosquito. Once this is done the effected mosquito, bites and the glue that has kept the eggs attached warms up and falls on to the found host.

The bot-fly larvae loves the environment of flesh, and is quite well adapted for living on anything with flesh. The bot-fly larvae has tiny teeth that help the lava burrow down into the skin of the host. On the maggots bottom they have a breathing tube, that keeps the growing larvae supplied with air. The larvae can stay in its human host up to six to eight weeks if left alone, the larvae has a self-defence trick, if someone tries to remove the maggot while it is still alive, it lodges its self in the hole it is living in. Sticking out of its body are tiny little black spines that stick out when pulled the wrong way. The only way to get the bot-fly larvae out of a human host is to block its air supply, covering the hole for a day to kill the larvae. Once dead it can be removed. The infected hole that it leaves can now be treated.

The Tsetse Fly

The tsetse fly is a large biting fly, which can cause Trypanosomes, known as human sleeping sickness.

How Trypanosomes Effects The Body

The infected tsetse fly bites a human, and the parasites Trypanosomes, flood into the blood stream, once there they divide and grow longer, they have long tails that let them swim, around the blood stream. In the blood stream, the parasites are armed with protein. The white blood cells recognise the parasite as an invader and build up antibody’s that attack the protein. The parasites can change their protein coat of armor leaving the antibody’s useless, leaving the red blood cells to be attacked. The red blood cells are starved of nutrients and the parasites are left to take over the hosts body, leading to death if not treated in time.

You would not think tiny invaders like these could cause so much disruption to the human body, but the worrying thing is there are more than we can count of these parasites which the human has become a host to, we can truly say there is a parasite city in our world, which our medicinal professions fight agents day in day out, for our safety.


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