Monday, December 11

Rapaclapclap & Whispering Winds

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Oh we make such a rapaclapclap
Such a humdrum so rum
All of us so right
Ah so virtuous and oh so right
All us people going about what we believe
Pushing and pounding our ways to relieve
Or so we believe
It will help to relieve
But why not focus and unfocus
Blink and unblink
To clear the hocus pocus
Of mind,heart,spirit and think
We are not the final word
Ours not the only basic
God created that bird
And we only the sick
Effort is important
But sound thought is strong
Makes a body walk without a haunt
And correct the wrong.


Bag slung on my shoulder
I stand on this here boulder
Feeling humble in bearing
Although breathing free
This air that’s rustling
Blowing leaves through trees
In this land of lonesome mountains
This valley of whispering wind
The spirit is kindered
And the mind turns within
And here the body is cooled
By the cold mountain streams
One’s senses thus pooled
To balance reality and dream
And see the stars appear,zillions hanging so low
Had I a stout strong stick,I would knock some here below
And so I take my bed roll and slide up to sleep
Realizing down deep
This land’s got a hold on my soul.


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