Tuesday, December 12

The Language Acquisition Between The Rural And Urban Learners

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The environment has a great impact to a child’s language development it is because a child learns his native language with the people who are with him during his development. If I am to compare a child who was born and stayed at the place which is isolated from the crowd just like the rural areas, the child would have a difficulty in developing the language, one basic example was one of my cousin, Dwayne Justine S. Largo, a 3 year old child, who grew up and was born with his mother and his grandparents only at Mati, Davao Oriental, he experienced difficulty in uttering even a single word even if he is about to turn 2 years old because the people who were taking care of him often interact with him because of their busy life. The environment as well has a deafening silent because the houses were kilometers away. Unlike a child named Johanne Mikylle L. Mahinay, a 2 year old child living in a place here in Davao City has an advanced development in language because she lived in the place where in the people around her always interact with here as early as 3months. At 2 years old she learns how to utter the phrase “Mama drink water mikka”. I believe the environment plays a big role because during the stages of her language development, the people around here were able to teach and interact with her the native language.

            The study merely shows that the holophrastic stage or the one – word utterances of a child depends on the people around him or her from the time he open his eyes in this world. The commands and gestures shown by the caretaker towards the child will be a great affect in learning the native language.

The holophrastic stage is one of the earliest stages of the grammatical level for a child of 12 to 18 months.  I strongly believe this is one of the most crucial stages in a child’s life.  A child learns mostly how to speak the language by observation.  It’s simply amazing and the beginning of a child trying to communicate in our big world.


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