Wednesday, December 13

How to Prepare Yourself Before The School Exam

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We all take part in school exams. But we all do not do equally well even after having almost the same preparation. There are always some people in the class who make brilliant results with the minimum effort. But how do they do this? Here are some tips for you so that you can achieve your desired result by utilizing the last day before the exam.

  • Wake up early in the morning so that you can start your syllabus early. This will keep you ahead of time and give you confidence.

  • Make a plan about how to proceed. Assign time limit for finishing each chapter.

  • Go through the most important ones first. Then the relatively less important ones. This will increase the possibility of getting common questions in the exam.

  • Do not just cram. Think about what you read. After reading twice or thrice, close the book and structure it with your own words. Then open the book and compare if something was missing.

  • When it feels boring, take a short break. Refresh our mind. But don’t do anything that distracts your focus (like playing strategy game in your PC). You can have a chat with one of your friends about what might come in the exam or if there is anything important you missed in the class.

  • Have food in time and lots of water.

  • Make short notes of important points while studying which will help you to revise in quick time just before the exam.

  • Have a good sleep at night and wake up early on the exam day. Just have a look on the short notes which covers your entire preparation.

  • Take your necessary stationeries for the exam. Start early from home so that you have enough time and won’t have to hurry.

  • Try to think about the important points while going. If you can’t remember, just have a look. This really helps.


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