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Safety Points For a Joyful Trip: a Journey Out of Harm’s Way

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Traveling to far and unfamiliar places can cause you to meet unimaginable problems and potential issues you never thought you’d have face. From simple street pick-pockets to malicious and false police accusations, it is common knowledge that travelers are always the number one target of persons aiming to make quick cash using deceptions and other filthy acts.

Vacationers, especially foreigners, are the common victims of pick-pocketing and big-time scams in the streets. Although they are widespread, these troubles can easily be avoided with appropriate education and preparedness in case such situations arise. To help you prevent these common vacation situations, I researched on the prevalent troubles and the ways on how to prevent them. Here are 10 safety tips to avoid being a travel victim.

Do not give out any essential information concerning yourself unless of course you know the person- Sure, talking to strangers and interacting with new people can be fun. But be careful. A scammer would never tell you directly he’s befriending you to pull a scam on you. It’s generally ok to give out your first name and where you came from like Chicago or Seattle. But never give out your full name. Identity theft is a serious crime that most of us take lightly until we, ourselves, get to experience it firsthand.

Giving out the address where you’ll be lodging is also out of the question. If you’re a target for a greater crime like, heaven-forbid, kidnapping or human trafficking, then it’s most likely that these people will try to follow you wherever you go. Do not talk about travel plans, your room number or any other personal information in public within earshot of strangers. It’s always ok to give out some information but try to be as broad as possible.

Keep A LOW PROFILE: Try to fuse in with the crowd and don’t show them that you’re a first-time tourist in their area. Most criminals can spot fast a fat target in a tremendous ocean so be careful. Try to research before you leave your place on the lifestyle of the location. It’s sensible not to bring expensive jewelry that will only get the lustful eyes of the perpetuators. Take only enough money when going around the town and dress yourself in appropriate clothes okay by the locals.

Watch for hoaxes on the street- Especially in third world countries where low income levels are high. Always be on the alert. Never flash your money and keep from extended talks with strangers. The more you get engaged in a dialogue while on the streets, the bigger the chances are of you being exposed to petty street crime. If long talks can’t be avoided, try to find a café or restaurant where you and your guest can talk.

When vacationing with children, make sure all have adequate id and means on how to locate you in case you get separated- This happens to a lot of couples traveling with a large number of children. A fast and convenient way to make sure you and your kids are never lost forever is to rent a cellular phone for each during the duration of your travel.

This can provide you a regular contact with each of your children. You can also try to write your child’s name and your hotel number on a card that you can give to each of your children. Include in the card a close friend’s or relative’s contact details. Be a law-abiding foreigner- Know the laws of the land, especially the local decrees in the places that you pay a visit to. This would help you to stay away from troubles. Bear in mind that lack of knowledge is never an excuse to the law so take time to know all the rules and regulations in a foreign land. Do a lot of researches about their bylaws to refrain from being detained.

BE Mindful WHILE RIDING PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Some countries in the world offer rides that can only be seen in their area like the personal rickshaw in China or the Tuktok, a three-wheeled vehicle in Thailand powered by a motor. Whether it’s just the local train or bus, these public transport makes your vacation complete, but be cautious still when you’re on the ride.

Secure your valuables at all times. Pick-pocketing is very widespread in local public transport so keep a watchful eye. Keep your defenses high- Never forget the self-defense concepts. Also, consider arming yourself with tear-gas or stun gun inside your pouch so you have something to take advantage of when unavoidable mischief occurs. Count on your numbers- Know the hotlines and important numbers to dial wherever you go. Make use of the hotel phonebooks available in your hotels in order to ave the essential digits that you can use in any unfortunate situation

. Find a trusted friend- Meeting people should be fun. And no, this item does not in any way contradict the first item. In the first item, it is stated that you ‘Do not give out any vital information regarding yourself unless you know the person.’ On this note, it’s always ok to try and get to know someone you can really trust to show you around the neighborhood- take you to the spots where you can buy inexpensive items or immerse with the locals.

The fundamental thing is try to get to know him first and make sure you have enough information about him before you start issuing out information about yourself. Perhaps, a friend of yours or an acquaintance can help you with this. There are always things going on in an area that is kept taboo. Having someone to trust to take you around is always a good thing. Secure your important items- Take time to have your travel documents and identifications photocopied before flying. Keep these documents secure, just in case an untoward incident occurs, like robbery wherein eve the necessary travel files were taken.

Arming yourselves with copies of these treasured records will save you from further headaches. These preventive actions may be beneficial to make you watchful, yet, never forget to enjoy your travel spree. Some experiences only happen once and make sure that you make the most out of every joyful event that comes along your way. No one really knows what will happen next, nevertheless, you can always keep yourself a little safer by becoming extra-careful – because vacations are always extra-enjoyable without unneeded disruptions.

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