Thursday, December 14

All The Way

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I was a boy without a direction in life and even though I have my own plans in the future still it seemed too far to reach. When I reached my teenage years still the wandering in my life made me questioned my own existence. I had done so many things in life, I used to offer to clean cars and jeeps in exchange for some pennies, and I collected trash and sold it to the junk shop for a couple of bucks. I even lived in the middle of the sea for culturing milkfish with my father and I used to fish so that I could sell it to the store. I sold fish in the wet market and also gone house-to-house to deliver fish and I always woke up early so that we could catch the fish-car that delivers our fish for our stool in the wet market. And I experienced to work in the blacksmith of my grandfather where I crafted metals to form some useful object like plow, knives, and welded grills and gates and not to forget to mention I surely go to school even through all of those striving in my life.  These all I had done in the name of life and money. But still my life is a wanderer.

But when the day I decided to give my life to Christ, it was the day that everything had to change. Though, the problems that I used to face in my life are getting stronger even until now. I thought that when I will be saved through Christ my problems would go away. But the changes I made had became really took a toll on me, when I told my friends about Christ they just nodded and sometimes they laugh hysterically. But no matter what they would say or what they would think of me I will be remaining on my ground and be strong whatever be the cost for Christ did it also to me in the Calvary. I will serve Christ no matter what because I love Him that much.

In my problems, I see them smaller than before because my faith in Christ is getting bigger. The peace and love that I received from God through Christ keeps me standing against anything that tries to let me down. For this, I know that I could not lose for Christ is all in all. The pressures in my life sometimes convinced me to stop holding Christ’s hands but Christ is the one who is persistent to grasp my hand and sometimes carry me through the unknown when I am crippled with me fear.

“So my Lord, I am here Your humble servant. I will always be and I am going with You all the way, even when my love-ones forsake me. I won’t stop honoring you with my life and I am going with You all the way”


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