Tuesday, December 12

Last Post of The Day

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I suppose this will be my last post today.  The laundry and shopping are done, The pets and kids are fed and now I can just relax, kick back and watch some videos.

It has been pretty hard for me to come up with some posts.  My morning ritual consists of allot of coffee, vacuuming, dusting, feeding the animals and posting my first post of the day.  By the time I’m done with my third or fourth one I’m spent.  Make no mistake though, I do like writing and especially making money from it.  The only problem is really I just can’t focus anymore. 

My goal for tomorrow is four posts and the next day five and on and on until finally I come to a standstill and can’t possibly rack my brain for anything else to post about. 

Some on gather post many posts, but most are only a sentence or two long.  That gets annoying.  If I am going to take my time to write and get paid for it, I feel the need to actually post something worth reading.  I have started to do more blogging the last few days for myself and for others to read and discuss.  This seems the angle I’m coming from. 

I certainly hope I can earn more the longer I am online posting.  Have a good night.


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