Thursday, December 14

When Guys Just Want to Date You For Money

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It’s kind of sad when you’re dating someone with financial problems. I was dating this one guy who I thought was great at first but then it turned out that he was just hoping that I would pick up all the bills for him. I’m a girl and I’m not used to picking up the bills for men. I was used to men picking up the bills for me. I wouldn’t mind helping out once in awhile but I can’t pick up his bills monthly or his college tuition. This guy was thinking that I was his mom when he got a real mom. I think his mom is supposed to take care of him so why is she leaving him with nothing.

It’s kind of awkward to have to date someone in such a bad financial ruin. I wish that he was financially stable so he doesn’t have to look at me like I was his sugar mommy. I can’t even pay all of my bills so how can I pay all of his bills. It was the weirdest relationship I’ve ever had but we finally quit each other. I think it’s best that he spends sometimes building up his empire instead of dating because he was no where ready for a date.

I realized that he was young like me and that he needed time to put his life back together but I was in no way ready to pay for all of his bills when I have tons of bills to pay for too. Yes, people are so irresponsible when it comes to their own lives and then they want you to clean it all up for them. This guy was just like my brother. My brother spends everything he ever had and then he would go and tell me to clean things up for him. He was abusing me too because he was depressed about his financial instability. I guess people better be more responsible about their financial life or else they would be crying to their dates. Men think that some women are just the bill payers nowadays. I’ve seen it with my cousins. They pay their boyfriends, and husband’s bills. It’s embarrassing. What ever happen to good old day manhood? These men aren’t men if they made little ladies pay all the bills. It’s just not right.

I would not date a man who asks me to pick up his bills again. I didn’t pay for the last guy’s bills but it made me so uncomfortable. The whole time of our relationship was about me helping him financially. It’s just a turn off. How big of a man can he be for me if he couldn’t even buy a $2 drinks? People are really irresponsible nowadays. I feel like he should be responsible for his finances. If a man tells you to pick up his bills then he’s just using you. There are plenty of men who are stable and who can treat you better. You won’t get anywhere in this kind of relationship anyways. After you ran out of your money on him, he will turn to another girl or better yet, he’s already running several of them.


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