Monday, December 18

How to Not Lose All Your Money in Las Vegas

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It’s hard to win when you’re in Las Vegas. I’ve tried it myself and found that it’s just based on luck sometimes. You think that you can count the cards but they got six decks now. Counting cards is not working anymore. Yet, you will still see winners sometimes and this is because casino wants people to continue to come back so they will let some win once in awhile. However, gambling is very dangerous and if you’re not a pro, you are better spending it on buffet instead. Your money will be worth spending on buffet instead of on gambling.

If you’re not a pro, you want to play smaller games with little bets like the slot machine or some easy game like blackjack. You never want to play big games with confusing bets because you’re more likely to lose or be pressured into it. The casino is all about pressuring you. They have the alcohol, pretty waitress just to confuse you. They want you to drop all of your money for them.

This is why you have to be strong when you’re in Vegas. You want to leave Vegas happy not broke. I saw some innocent guy leaving the table after losing $2000 to black jack when he could just lose $200. I sat with him when he lost $200 but he kept on taking it out cause he wants to win like a man. He doesn’t want to walk away like a loser but it’s better to be a loser with $2000 in your pocket for the buffet then going home with $2000 less.

The dealers can be really vicious. They will be your worst enemy. People end up hating their dealers because they take all the money away from you. If you’re at a table with experienced dealers, you might as well not try. They will know how to get you. That’s how they get to keep their job or even get promoted. There are so many tricks when dealing their cards and the more experiences they have the more they can trick you into it. The reason why I can say this is because I’ve study dealing before and we were taught a lot of tricks.

 Tricks that is so minor that you won’t be able to detect it unless you’re a dealer yourself. For example, when they cut the cards in blackjack, they will cut it unevenly so you get all the bad cards and they keep all the good cards. They will cut according to the last game. This is why you have to play with an inexperienced dealer at a smaller casino. You have a better chance of beating them since they’re inexperienced. If you play at a big casino, they will be too experienced and they will beat you. When they deal the cards, they will tend to deal you the bad cards and them the good ones according to how they shuffle too.

The worst game in LV is the roulette. You will never win since the chances are just not in your favor. You will likely to get even but that’s about it. Red or black is just 50/50. However, the dealer will spin the wheel opposite of what you bet. They can control it with how strong or how weak they spin and on what number they spin it on. Stay away the roulette table at all cost because you won’t win. If you’re good, you can give poker a try since you might get a chance of winning.


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