Wednesday, December 13

How to Date an Asian Woman

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Why would you want to know how to date an Asian woman? Are they any different than any other woman? Yes, they’re a world of difference. If you don’t know then you will find yourself without a second date sometimes. They will reject you for good if you act wrongly. It’s funny to see Americans males make mistakes when they date Asian women. Asian women are very different from any other women. You just have to learn more about their culture. How are they different?

Not into first date moves

Asian women will sleep with you about a year later sometimes. It could be possible. Asian women will not sleep with you on the first date unless you’re a millionaire and very educated and handsome. It’s just how Asian women are. They won’t sleep with you unless you have a lot to offer them. You can say that they’re materialistic and it might be true. After all, Asian girls are more likely to drive a Mercedes, wear an LV bag, but rent a room down the street. They’re not like American women who drive an old car, wear an old bad, but live in a very nice home. Asian people are about saving faces so pride is very important to them.

More reserves

Asian women dress more reserves than other women. They will most likely cover everything up. They won’t show their cleavage or thighs. They will be seen as indecent if they show too much. It’s not a custom in our culture to show too much thighs or cleavages. Asian women will be very reserves so don’t shock them by going topless or wear a short only.

The man pays

Asian women are used to men paying for them and caring for them. Asian men care for them and treat them really well. Asian men see Asian women gentle like a flower so they don’t make the women pay or do a lot of harsh physical things. They’re treated like a doll. So treat them gentle like a doll and you will be fine.

They may be arrogant

It’s funny but some Asian women are arrogant. This is different than any other type of women. American women are less arrogant and have a down to earth attitude. This is not so with Asian women.


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