Wednesday, December 13

How to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home

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You can give yourself a manicure at home. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have pretty hands. All you need is a few tool and you’re ready for a manicure. It’s fun doing manicure and you will feel all pampered up afterward. It’s much affordable to do it at home. You can save the money to pay your phone bills instead. What do you need for a manicure?

You will need a small plastic bowl to pour in water to dip your hands in. you will need a nail cutter, a picker, a buffer, a towel, and a filer. First, you will pour water in the plastic bowl, enough for both hands. Next, you will wash your hands and then dip it in the bowl for about 2-5 minutes to soften the cuticles and the surroundings of your nail. Next, you will take it out and don’t leave it too long or else your nail will soften. Now, you take the towel and hand dries your hands. Next, you will cut the nail in the shape that you want. This is to make doing nail easier if you will be putting on artificial nail.

Next, you will buff and file the nails that you just cut to make it smooth and even into the shape that you want. Next, you want to take the nail picker and push your skin on the back of the nail backward and enough to cut it. These are old skin and they need to be cut. You would repeat for all of the fingers. After you cut them, you can begin to buff your nail. You can take a buff and give your fingers nails a slight buff to get it ready for artificial nail if you’re going to do it. Next, you can use a blower to blow out all of the debris or dip it in water and then dry it. So now your nails are ready for artificial nail or for the first coat of nail color. The first coat will be a clear coat.


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