Tuesday, December 12

How to be Happy

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Are you happy? Some people are happy and some are just miserable. I look around my family and saw that most of my family members are miserable. They’re not happy at all. They worry about finances and keeping their homes. The majority of the problems are finances problems. I guess they would all be happy if they are financially stable but I guess none of them are financially stable. They all have problems.

 It’s a great thing if you’re truly happy and financially stable because financial trouble is what gets to people. How can you be happy when you’re $50k in debt and have five kids to feed and have no home? In this kind of economy, there will be more people who are not happy. What are people unhappy about? Mostly about finances, this is what I’ve observed so far. Some people are not happy about their relationship or that they have addictions problems. People with money are not happy either. If you’re happy then it’s truly a gift.

Can you change things in your life to make yourself happier? Yes, you can. If a boyfriend is making you miserable then letting him go will make you happy. If a job is making you miserable, then talking to someone who can fix your problems will make you happy. Finding another job can make you happy too. There are a lot of things that can change your situations around to make you happy. I’ve been in a job that made me miserable before too so I know that stress from your jobs can make you miserable. Some people die over jobs problems, this is why you need to give it a second thought. Work stress is one of the top reasons why most people are miserable.

If you don’t have enough money, and this made you miserable then you can change the situation by making more money. You can find a job, find a second job, go on government benefits and seek family help. Cutting your spending and consolidating all of your cost will help too. Financial problems are the number one reason why people are not happy. I know this because I used to have financial problems and my family has financial problems so I know that financial problems can make you very unhappy. If this is your problems, then you should make every effort to make things better. If you have addiction problems that is robbing you of your money then it’s time to quit doing those things so you can save money, stay out of legal trouble, and have a better life. I think addictions also cause people a lot of problems too. Addiction is never the way to go. It’s time to give up alcohol and drugs. They are not good for you. If you have a problem, you just need to focus on it and fix it. Once you fix it, you will be much happier.


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