Monday, December 18

Man Cuts His Own Arm Off

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A man who tried to cut his arm off after he managed to get it stuck in a furnace boiler.While reaching behind the heater his arm got stuck,he tried to pull himself free, the boiler only tightened on his left arm, cutting into it his skin. Jonathan Metz was now trapped in his Connecticut basement Mr Metz said 12 hours passed before he asked himself: “What would MacGyver do in this situation?”and thought that amputation was his only chance for survival, he spent six hours psyching himself up for the self-amputation. His plan was to take the arm and place it in the freezer then call for help. Emergency services, alerted by friends after he failed to show at work. Eventually firefighters freed him two days later. During the rescue his arm came completely off.Doctors were unable to reattach his severed appendage. Metz said this, “I definitely dithered for a few hours after coming up with the initial idea.” I thought there must be some other way, so I kind of started looking around my surroundings again. “Maybe there was something I missed. You know, what would MacGyver do if he were here?”

Jonathon Metz now has a donations website up for a prothestic arm.


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