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Largest Animals Facts

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You live animals in experiments and approved by the world, the aim is to use animals to test various products. This product is a drug and prevention of cancers of the skin and hair with different vaccines.
In some countries, is a fundamental right, setting a new drug for at least two mammals, and not in other rodents to be tested!
The Act defines the animal must not perform experiments in animals is not the right choice, but almost all drugs in the market in animal studies. The animals were used in the development of anesthetics during surgery to prevent human suffering!
measures to investigate damage
It is very important for treatment of less sensitive species is provided. Actually, our thinking and discrimination and higher sensitivity hand make us very da.eta restructure and eating habits.
Studies show that only 5% and 25 animal studies and human performance are welcome! The majority of approved drugs for animals in people reject useless – the first test of Why is that?
effect of animals in experiments on animals
conditions in biggest animals are tested in humans as a result of tumors in rodents, the animals, which leads to less for a man! The only explanation for this assertion, without anatomical and physiological differences between humans and animals.

Koala Koala eating adult for £ 2.5 and 1.5 kg of food to a child, eucalyptus, coming each day. Only his mother’s milk feeding koalas around 6-8 months. After this period, the substance called PAP, and decrease production of the child’s mother koala eats dairy consumption. Koala mother and child fluids through the digestive system, the leaves of eucalyptus leaves in the diet begins to fall. This helps transition baby koala diet. AAP in the body of organisms transmitted Koala mother to child health, which is essential for growth and development. Koala baby eat milk from its mother until a year and feed supply, eucalyptus leaves, especially his mother decided to leave until they learned to rake.


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