Tuesday, December 12

Preparing For Guests During The Holidays

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When the holidays arrive you have a million things to do. There are decorations to put up, presents to buy and wrap. Then you have the dinners to make and attend. So how do you prepare your home for holiday guests in the middle of all this? The number of guests and how long they are staying will have an effect on how you prepare.

You have to know how many guests and how long they are going to stay. If you are having guest stay for a few days you want to make sure that you have enough pillows, sheets and blankets for them. Each person should have two pillows and two blankets in case they get cold. The sheets will be on the beds unless you have to make other sleeping arrangements. Figuring out if you have enough beds or will be using a cot or fold out couch for some of your guests is another part of preparing your home for holiday guests.

The bathroom should be fully stocked in case your guests don’t have everything they need. Buying extra tubes of toothpaste, mouthwash, soap and tissue should make sure that you aren’t taking unneeded trips to the store while your guests are there. You should also have enough towels and bath clothes to last the length of your guests stay or enough that there are still some available while you do the laundry to get clean ones.

Grocery shopping to ensure that you have enough food for your guests has to be done. You want to make sure that you have enough dishes. If you don’t check with the neighbors to see if you can borrow some to prevent the extra expense of buying them. When you shop you should be sure to keep any allergies or special dietary needs in mind.

Once you have all the supplies you will need it’s time to make sure that the house is clean for the arrival of your guests. Make sure that everything is put away. Vacuum all the carpets, sweep and mop the floors and make sure that you have dusted. Nothing is worse than walking into a clean house to find a layer of dust making you sneeze. Make sure to dust the guest room. Anything you don’t want your guests to see should be put in your bedroom closet.

There are a million things to do before holiday guests arrive. Make yourself a check list so that you can make sure you do everything and don’t forget any needed supplies. 


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