Monday, December 18

How To Tape a Hockey Stick

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      Taping a hockey stick is considered by some hockey players an art. But its really not that hard. With a littke bit of practice any one could do it. Heres how:

The Handle

Start out with an untaped stick. Put a loop of tape around the top of the stick. Then pull an arms length of tape out and spin so it looks like a wire. Spin this around the stick so it creates a nice grip. Next wrap around this with the tape starting at the end closest to the blade. Once at the top wrap the tape aroun until it makes a nice knob that you can pick your stick up by if you drop it.

The Blade

The blade is the most important part of the stick. To start rip off a 6 inch piece of tape. put this on the toe of the stick (the part of the blade furthest from the shaft). Next start at the part of the blade closest to the shaft and slowly wrap the tape twords the toe making sure you don’t leave any creases in the tape. Also be sure to over lap the tape to much because to much tape means trouble. It can ruin your shot.

Good luck finishing your stick. By the way make sure to retape your stick every time you rip through the bottom of the blade to ensure the maximum life time of your stick.


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