Another Beautiful Day

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Perfection seemed to get better and better as time went by. Charlie couldn’t decide if night even existed anymore. The only concept he had of pain or sorrow was a fading memory of bright lights, beeping, and needles. It was barely a shadow now, like a dream forgotten in the business of the day.

Sometimes he tried to recall the specifics of the dream but the details were never clear. He didn’t think about it as much now as he did before. When every day contained only pleasure and wonderful sensations, it was hard to focus on anything negative.

His entire life revolved around pleasure. Scents were fabulous, tastes mouthwatering, sights awe-inspiring, sounds as the voices of angels singing harmoniously, and touch as wonderful as love itself.

The strange sense of well being sometimes overwhelmed him., making him wonder if he should try to recall the strange dream one more time. Sitting back in perfect comfort, with perfect peace of mind, Charlie concentrated as hard as he could. Unfortunately, this also was pleasurable to the point of distraction. The harder he tried the more peaceful he became.

Was he on some sort of mind altering drug? The thought made him laugh cheerfully as vague images of hangovers and cottonmouth wisped through his head. No, this was all too real to be a dream or a drug

“Face it” the happy thought permeated his brain, “your life is perfect”.

A utopian life; what a grand idea! Breathing deep, he noticed his surroundings as never before. They were more beautiful, more vivid and lovely, more—just more.

As Charlie thought about his life, he realized he couldn’t remember anything of his past. Did he have a past? Had everything always been this way? Did he even care?

No, he didn’t care. Could remembering be better than perfect happiness? Not a chance. Whatever life this was, he was perfectly content and that perfect contentment grew more perfect as time passed.

Beep…beep…beep . “He’s coming to, doctor” the nurses’ mechanical tone alerted the news crew sent to witness the historic event.

“Ready the Cryosphere. Soon we will be able to talk to the first successful cryogenic patient recovery. Four hundred years of science coming to fruition in moments! What a great day for humanity!” Doctor Rani was elated to be a part of history and was glad to have it documented by the press. “In a few minutes this man will be back in the real world and out of his prison of frozen sleep.”


Charlie opened his eyes to the hellish nightmare of reality, his screams echoed through the antiseptic halls of the laboratory.


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