Monday, December 18

Grocery Shopping With Limited Funds

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Grocery Shopping is a necessity that requires the spending of money. Sometimes more money than we would like to spend but it often can’t be helped. There are times when you find yourself in a bind and difficulty with finances can cause the budget for grocery shopping to be tighter than you would like it to be. You still need to purchase groceries but you might find it difficult to get everything you need when money gets tight. There are some things that you can do to make your grocery shopping fit into even the tightest budget.


Carefully planning the meals that you’re going to have during the week around local sales and coupons can help you to be better prepared when going to the grocery store. This planning should include three meals and at least one snack each day in the best case scenario. If you’re not a breakfast person then you can skip this but if you have children they’re likely to want breakfast. Children will also want something to snack on but there is nothing that says it has to be pre-made or can’t be healthy. A bag of fruit can be a nice snack and encourage your children to eat healthy.

There isn’t anything that says you can’t give the kids a bowl of cereal before you send them to school. Most kids seem to enjoy cereal and bag cereals are easier on the budget in most cases than the box cereals are. So you can substitute on bag of cereal for the dozen eggs, grits and bacon. There isn’t anything that says sandwiches can’t be a meal especially in the summer time. When you go to buy milk you have to remember one thing, even if it’s one sale you shouldn’t buy more than you will use before it expires. Waste is costly.

Things to Avoid

There are things that should be avoided when you are on a tight budget for grocery shopping; among these things are frozen microwavable meals. These meals usually feed only one person for $3 to $5 each which can add up rather quickly especially when attempting to feed a family. The family sizes are rather expensive when they’re already prepared too. Bottled juices are more expensive than frozen concentrates; buying a couple of frozen juices to keep in the freezer will help to prevent waste since you will only make what you need when you need it.

Bottled water won’t fit into tight budgets for shopping. If you insist on buying the water in the bottles get the gallons instead of the individual bottles. Investing in a water filter even if you purchase flavor cartridges for it will cost you less in the long run that buying bottled water. Frozen waffles, pancakes and the other frozen items that all you have to do is heat up will increase your grocery expenses, making these items and freezing them for future use can help to stretch the budget further.

Make A List

Once you know what you want to purchase and which items that you need to avoid you can make a list to guide you when you go grocery shopping. Go down your lists, try to organize it so you spend the least amount of time in the store and stick to it. The more time that you spend in the store the more money you are likely to spend.

Make Adjustments to Servings

Even when you get a great deal meat is still among the most expensive things that you can purchase. Reducing the amount of meat that you have with meals will reduce the amount you spend on it. Serving sizes can add to the cost of groceries, by paying attention to the amount of food you have during each meal will help you to stretch the groceries that you managed to purchase for the week.

Grocery shopping on a tight budget can cause you to worry initially. There isn’t any need to, it can be done and without doing without food. 


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