Friday, December 15

a Dating Site For Mac Users is a Great Idea!

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Before I get into it I have to thank The Young Turks for this one because there is no conceivable way I ever would known about this site otherwise. On occasion I will review their segments on YouTube, and it has been a while since I have done that but I have to wonder how many other people know about this site.

The name is Cupidtino, and if you try to log in from a PC you get a reminder that the site is only for Mac users. They may give you special access to the site if you are a journalist or reviewer though. Since I cannot review the site itself I will talk about what a great idea I think this is. The PC/Mac war has been going on for a while; to be totally honest while the Apple II was never a threat to the PC the fact that the Mac was one of the first consumer products to have a visual interface was always an issue to the PC world. But you know the history of the whole PC/Mac thing, in fact I think a dating site for Linux users would be cool as well but that is another topic altogether. 

At the same time I have to wonder if Mac users are that different from the rest of society that you could honestly build a dating community around it. Would a PC user be willing to get a Mac so that they can use this site? How many journalists and reviewers that are using PC are going to try to get an exception to the rule so that they show you what is under the hood. You need a Mac or an iPad to sign up for the site; you can log in with an iPhone after you are registered.  Perhaps iPhone users are occasional users of Apple products that are not fully committed to the cause. I question that logic, only because if you are willing to pay anywhere from $99 to $299 for an iPhone and are willing to endure a data contract with AT&T for two years you have more than earned the right to date other Mac users. I guess you can do that the old fashioned way.

The funny thing about requiring to have an Mac to register is that if you do not have a computer your only way of getting online is to go to Kinko’s, use your work computer or use a computer for free at your public library. This is funny because none of these options involve using a Mac as most software written to manage public Internet access is written for PCs. So you really do need to get Mac after all, and there is no way to circumvent the issue. Then again, when you sign up for Cupidtino you are part of an exclusive community, sort of how Facebook used to be before they opened up the flood gates.

The site presents a conundrum, if they open it up to everyone like Facebook did it will loose its appeal. The site looks like one of the official Apple sites, and they only want $4.79 a month for the ability to respond to emails. That is actually cheaper than other dating sites. The big question is whether or not you and that Mac user have anything else in common other than your love of Mac products. Four dollars and seventy nine cents is not a lot of money to try to find out.  If you are a real geek and are shy this could be a creative way for you to communicate with people and show a different side of yourself that you normally would not be able to through any other means.

There are just as many techies in the Mac community as there are in the PC and Linux communities. I think that Cupidtino is a great idea and offers a true service that is rare and exclusive for those willing to pay for access. It could engage those who have been using online dating services for a while and even those new to online dating in different ways, and that is part of what dating is all about …


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