Friday, December 15

Shut Up About Lady Gaga Already!

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Why must we continue to talk about Lady Gaga? I mean every single day Lady Gaga this Lady Gaga that; one day Lady Gaga dresses inappropriately to a baseball game, then she gets banned from baseball games, now Seinfeld is against her. Then of course the whole drama Katy Perry started talking about music video. 

Personally I do not see anything that Lady Gaga is doing that Madonna did not do 30 years ago. That much said why do we want to talk about this all over again? It must be a slow night, I think Lady Gaga surrounds herself with very talented people and is part of the music industry’s “machine”, and her outfits are fun but I don’t loose any sleep over her. I like all of her songs, I haven’t bought any of her records but I always watch her videos and listen to her work on the radio when it plays as it is great fun.

To me it’s just that fun spirit of disco when people sought pleasure wherever they could find it. A bunch of drugs, a lot of sexual activity and living in the moment as though there is no tomorrow. People want to talk about whether or not she is promiscuous and of course she says that is alone and does not do anything with anyone are you really serious? I mean does anyone really believe that, and why is anyone talking about it or even curious as to what she does in her personal life. People see the image and persona that Lady Gaga projects and they want to know what it is like to be her.

They have these perverse fantasies of wearing haute couture every day and being with whomever they feel like being with and having a good time. No doubt they would have an endless supply of money, and you would never get affected by the economy and never have to work that hard to make a living. She is like the embodiment of “Sex and the City” for a generation.  I don’t really hate Lady Gaga, just let her live and get her money while she still can and enjoy it while it is still there. People do not want to admit, but it took a minute and now the eighties is in full force. We like this empty mindless pop music more than we are willing to let on.

Would artists like Ke$ha, or groups like Black Eyed Peas be as big as they are right now if that were not the case.  I mean if you really think about it I think every song off of every album is being turned into a single when you are talking about groups that are exploiting the dance trend of the moment. We can’t get enough of Lady Gaga, or the girl that sings “Bulletproof” or any of these other musical acts, it is never going to stop. Techno music rules the day once again and is back for its revenge!


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